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5 Practical Strategies to Handle Inflation

While inflation is something that few of any ability to control, it makes sense to focus on the things that we can control so we can better handle this difficult financial situation that we all are affected by.

5 Simple, Strategic Ways to Budget Your Money as a Couple

If I could give one gift to every Christian, it would be this conviction: “godliness with contentment is great gain” (1 Timothy 6:6). How? Know how much money you’re earning and spending, choose “godliness with contentment,” and then budget accordingly.

6 Keys to Controlling Your Spending

For several years during the late 1980s, my wife Susie and I applied a rather rigorous approach to control our spending, and it worked pretty well. I didn't keep a diary at the time, but looking back on it now, these are the "keys to success" that come to mind.

Will God Help Me Solve My Financial Problems?

Debt or financial problems can be a struggle, but they cal also inspire trust, faith, peace, and discernment. The Bible tells us that God is not just interested in how to solve our financial problems, but also in doing something more mysterious.

Is the Tithe for the New Testament Believers?

So what if you don't take issue with the concept of giving or even the concept of giving 10%? What if you, like many of the commentors, take issue with those you hand your money over to: the Church. Those who express this concern reveal two potential problems that need to be addressed.

How Does Having a Budget Glorify God?

Having a budget seems like a joke in our spend, spend, spend society. Some people see a budget as boring and constricting. They think having to count every cent and know where it's going puts a damper on life rather than allowing freedom. As Christians, having a budget is a biblical principle and a foundation for good finances. It is also a way to glorify God.

10 Signs You Love Money

To develop a healthy relationship with money, we must build on this truth: God owns us and everything we have.

How True Stewardship Will Change Your Life

When you think of stewardship, what comes to mind? The reality is that many people today, including lots of Christians, don’t understand the true meaning of stewardship. And that’s a tragedy. Why? Because stewardship is our ultimate calling as Christ followers.

What Does the Bible Say about Money?

What does the Bible say about money? Far more than you might think. Yet it's words about money aren't a clear "money is evil" message or nor a clear "money is good" message. So what does it tell us about money's place in our lives?

Is it Really a Sin to Be Rich?

This is how sin enters — when wealth becomes a person’s treasure and when riches become the idol one worships and act as if there is never enough. “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21).

How Jesus Modeled Biblical Stewardship

Jesus modeled biblical stewardship at every turn during His time on earth. Big surprise, right? Well, the challenge for us isn’t just recognizing His example. We’ve got to imitate His example.

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