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What Does 'Helpmate' Really Mean in Marriage?

In the Genesis creation account, God refers to Eve as a helpmate, a person who provides needed help and assistance. Ezer is found in other parts of the Bible, often referring to the Lord as help. But does this mean that Eve is subordinate and less than Adam? What does it mean for marriages today and the role of the wife? 

4 Ways to Make Marriage the Adventure of a Lifetime

As couples, when we're able to focus on the big picture and release the small stuff, we can have greater overall satisfaction in our marriages. I believe that this level of satisfaction can become the balm that soothes our souls when our adventure together feels more like forging a path in some unknown and uncharted territory.

5 Unexpected Ways to Love Your Spouse

Can you think of special ways in which your spouse would be extremely blessed by your sacrifice and service to them? Remember, we are not called to keep score in marriage, we are called to love one another.


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