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Skillet's John Cooper: Politicians Can't Fix America 'But Returning to God Can'

Rocker John Cooper says in a new video that America’s problems cannot be fixed by the politicians in Washington, D.C., but only by the country's citizens turning back to God and the country’s original “moral framework.”“We have a deep spiritual problem in this country,” Cooper said in the video, posted on Instagram.The frontman for the Grammy-nominated band Skillet, Cooper, decried the “stupidity” of the culture and said, “It is not something that politics can fix.”“No politician can fix this. Our politicians are pathetic,” he said. “They've done the most legendary job of screwing up the country and screwing up people and dividing everybody on the Right and the Left. ... They cannot fix what is going on.”America, he said, has “turned our backs on God.”

Andy Stanley's Church to Host LGBT-Affirming Conference

An upcoming conference hosted by Andy Stanley’s church for ministry leaders and parents of LGBTQ children is being called a “clear and tragic departure from Biblical Christianity” by a prominent evangelical leader, who says the lineup of speakers reveals the event’s theological position.

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