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How to Know If Your Leap of Faith Is in God's Will

You’ve had an idea for a long time of something you would really like to do. It tugs at the back of your mind in quiet moments when you’re driving, jogging, cooking, walking, gardening, or waking up in the morning. But you’re not sure if it's something God wants you to do. How can you know without a doubt that God will be on this big adventure with you?

What Is the Difference between Pagan, Agnostic, and Atheist?

As we stack these systems next to one another we see three very distinct worldviews emerge: Paganism’s belief in the supernatural outside of Christianity, Atheism’s belief in no supernatural whatsoever, and Agnosticism’s assertion that we have no way to know one way or the other.

Lessons in Love Learned from the Homeless

On the streets, I was shaken. There was so much pain, so much wrong with what I was witnessing. Yet, the homeless were kind to me. The same people who slept on cardboard, smelled of urine, and dumpster-dived for food, knew I need to be shepherded. I was an innocent lamb in their world.

4 Beautiful Examples of 'Reckless Love' in the Bible

When Cory Abury describes God as 'reckless' in his beautiful worship song, it is a poem from the heart, not the dictionary (or a negative) definition. Here are four beautiful examples of how reckless love is offered throughout the Bible.

Should Christians Watch Horror Movies?

Are all horror movies the work of the devil? Or can some even bring non-Christians to Christ? Let's look at the "avoid them all" and "watch some" arguments; and weigh what Scripture says.

Can You Really Pray Anxiety Away?

In the church, there is often an idea that anxiety is simply the result of a lack of trust in God and can be prayed away, if we just have enough faith. But is there more to the situation?

Why Does God Let Evil Happen?

God sees everything. There is no sin that escapes his notice. There is no statute of limitations in his courtroom. If we’ve been wronged, we will see justice. All things will be put right in Heaven.


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