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4 Excellent Bible Study Resources That Are Biblically-Sound

I consider myself somewhat of a Bible resource nerd. I am always excited to dig into a new study or resource that will help propel me to a closer relationship with Jesus. I do need to be careful not to focus on resources and content above and beyond spending time reading God’s Word, but I strive to find biblically sound resources.I am the Women’s Ministry Leader at my church and am constantly trying new resources and searching for solid content to share with my ladies. There are many biblical resources for studying God’s word and talented people that God uses powerfully to bring His message of salvation to the lives of believers and those seeking God for the first time.One thing that I make sure of is that all the teachings line up with the truth of the Bible. It can be so easy for a writer or leader to get caught up in their opinions and accidentally share them as truth. No matter what we are studying or reading, we must set it up against the Bible. If it doesn’t line up, then we don’t want it.Before starting a new study or teaching, praying and asking God for discernment in all you are reading and learning is a good habit. God can speak to us through so many different avenues. I believe He uses people, their creativity, experiences, and talents to share truths with us.Here are some of my favorite Bible study resources:
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When Envy Strikes—3 Ways to Battle Back

In this world, desires for large bank accounts and spacious homes seem more practical than longing for God. But when I find true satisfaction in my Shepherd and trust in His wisdom in providing what I need, I find contentment and defeat envy.

What Does it Truly Mean to Be a Woman of God?

No one is perfect except for Jesus. But Jesus is our role model, our head. We are his hands and feet in the world. A woman of God remembers this and acts accordingly, modeling his ways and doing her part to raise up other believers in his name.

How I Learned to Practice Self-Care

Just as on an airplane you must put the breathing mask on yourself first before you can help someone else, it is the same with self-care. Although our time is limited and our two to-do list can get quite long, it's still important to incorporate these practices into our lives.

5 Inspiring Lessons from the Life (and Death) of Dorcas

Why is there so much admiration for someone who only appears once in Scripture? Part of the reason can actually be found in the reaction of those that knew her, as they saw her illness and death. The story of this Godly woman offers insights for Christians who want to make a real difference in their communities.

What Turning 40 Means to Me

I look ahead, or just right in the mirror, and see wrinkles and gray hair and a softer middle. I give that woman a hug. She has lost her angles and rough edges and is the kind of woman I want to be embraced by.

Women as Pastors

If you have been watching the church world at all in recent months, I don’t need to walk you through the brouhaha surrounding Beth Moore leaving the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) over her calling to teach, or the attempt by the SBC to remove Saddleback Church, where “America’s Pastor” Rick Warren served so faithfully for so many years, for ordaining two women to serve as pastors.

4 Ways to Counteract the Remnants of Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression is a very real thing, and many women have the stories and emotional and mental battle scars that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. What is interesting, though, is that long after the initial struggle with PPD is over, those scars can take a long time to form. This means the wounds are carried with the mother for years.As someone who has experienced Postpartum Depression, the journey is real, and healing can be difficult to find. Many tend to think that once it has received treatment and its brunt force has subsided, it goes away completely, and the mother moves on. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Remnants of Postpartum Depression can be found in guilt, shame, worry, loss of confidence, and more.There are ways to counteract these remnant wounds. Here are a few ways that can be effective in urging on the journey toward healing:
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Why Do I Struggle to Receive Body Affirmations From My Husband?

It took years to start receiving love and words of affirmation about my body from my husband. In counseling women, I've listened to countless stories of how they have a hard time receiving love and words of affirmation from their husbands – even when they tell them how beautiful they are on a daily basis.To receive love, we must replace rejection with God's revelation. Let's break that down into practical steps.

3 Reasons Why We Need Women in Church Leadership Roles

Since women are accepted into the Family of God, and since Jesus himself never discriminated based on gender, it is praiseworthy to celebrate God's provision for women to have a place in church leadership and partake in the roles and responsibilities of serving the Lord's church. Here are three distinct ways women can do just that.

What Does it Mean to Be a Proverbs 31 Woman?

A woman that yearns to please God strives to be like this ideal example, but with the understanding that every Christian is a work in progress, brought “to completion in the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

7 Powerful Prayers for Your Husband

Nothing is more powerful than placing your hands together and praying for the man God brought into your life. In all honesty, maybe now more than ever, this generation of men needs to be reminded of who they are in Christ and the amazing honor they have in leading, providing, and protecting their families.

Fight Evil through Spiritual Warfare

Ask the Holy Spirit to make you aware of any issues that may be putting you in bondage to evil, such as: generational sin, unforgiveness, grief, bitterness, addictions, a negative self-image, illicit sexual activity, and occult involvement.

7 Heartfelt Ways to Honor Your Mom in Heaven This Mother's Day

Mother's Day can prove to be a difficult day when you are left holding nothing but memories. Reflecting on the past, I am captivated by all the tender times my momma and I spent together, basking in the glow of being recognized for our diligent work as mothers.One time my daughters set up our bathroom like a spa. They offered my mom and me towels and bottled water as we were guided to sit in chairs perfectly placed before wash basins to get pedicures. Clay masks were spread across our faces while we stretched out our hands to get our fingernails painted. To top it all off, therapeutic spa music streamed in, setting the mood for relaxation.Another time, my sister, mom, and I got dressed up and enjoyed Mother's Day at a fancy tearoom. I felt utterly spoiled! If there is anything I truly love, it is a nice pot of warm tea with a freshly baked scone.There have been times when Mother's Day was simple, and we just enjoyed sitting on the back porch with a cup of lemonade, laughing over fun "motherhood moments," and other times when we enjoyed a more elaborate dinner out. But either way, I was celebrating - with my momma!However, this will mark the second Mother's Day I will celebrate without her precious presence. I still have "all the feels" when it comes to this holiday. As it approaches, it comes with many strings attached. Being that this was the first holiday after she was called to her eternal home, it also holds a bittersweet place in my heart.Mother's Day is indeed difficult.Oh, friend, if you are trying to figure out how you are going to celebrate Mother's Day but find you are merely surviving because grief has taken your heart hostage, I am so sorry you carry this heavy burden too. If I may, I'd like to extend you my most sincere condolences (and a virtual hug) and offer you a prayer.Heavenly Father,I lift up the daughter (or son) today that is currently left holding memories of her precious momma this Mother's Day. Please wrap Your peace and comfort around her and draw near. Bring about fond memories that she can cling to and reminisce on while bringing about a smile and/or tears of joy. Bring forth ways to honor her mother while giving her peace amid grief. You are a good Father, and we thank You for the gift You give us in a mother.Amen.As Mother's Day approaches, let's prepare our hearts and find ways we can honor our precious moms and their beautiful legacies. Here are a few heartfelt ways to honor your mom this Mother's Day. May it bring you a little peace and comfort as well.Photo credit: ©GettyImages/Urilux

What Attributes Define a 'Woman of God'?

Especially for women, it is joyous to see how the Spirit of God is manifested in our personalities, traits, and actions. These attributes are of God's creation and heart; living them out is a gift to each believer in their own walk.

4 Women in the Bible All Christians Should Know

It is important to be familiar with the women in the Bible and to know their lasting impact to be recorded in the Bible. These women did miraculous things out of their love for God and were strengthened by His mighty arm.

10 Great Devotional Books for Women

Devotional books for women can be a valuable tool in our daily walk with God. While they are not to replace us opening our Bibles, they can be a valuable asset in helping us to connect with God.


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