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4 Dangers of Condemning Worship Styles We Don’t Like

The Bible speaks of the dangers of putting ourselves and our preferences over others, and even though we might believe we’ve got a good spiritual reason for liking or disliking a certain form of worship, God’s Word gives us reasons not to condemn something that is ultimately for Him. Here are four dangers of condemning worship styles we don’t like.

10 Hymns That Never Get Old

When you try to create a list of 10 hymns that never get old, the first problem is you are only limited to ten. This by itself means that your ten and my ten are going to be different. With that in mind, I will present a list of ten hymns that have stuck to my soul over the years, not just because of the melody but because of their timeless messages. I will ask for grace upfront because I know I will probably leave out a hymn you think should be on the list. I will not attempt to rank these in any order because that would be an almost impossible task for me. Whichever hymn landed number one today would most likely be related to how it is ministering to me at that moment, so number one would always be changing. Aside from that, my more significant prayer is as you go through the list that these hymns' melodies and messages would resonate in your soul. Hopefully, they will bless you and lead you to a place of worship because that is what they do for me.Here are 10 hymns that never get old:
Photo credit: ©Zack Smith/Unsplash

9 Songs That Will Draw You Closer to God When You're Feeling Anxious

Feelings of anxiousness can creep up at any moment, often without any warning.A number of circumstances can trigger those feelings, and for some people, they might be more constant.For Christians, resting in the truth of God’s Word can bring comfort. Listening to worship songs can also help bring a sense of calm and reassurance.It ultimately comes down to surrendering our feelings to God and giving Him control of our hearts to calm the storm inside. Philippians 4:6 tells us: “do not worry about anything. Instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”Listening to worship music can be a great way to position your heart with a posture of surrender.Here are nine worship songs to listen to when you are feeling anxious:Photo Credit: ©GettyImages/SplashofPhotography

Is Private or Public Worship Better for Spiritual Growth?

Have you ever asked yourself why you go to church? There are plenty of scriptures about meeting together, so, maybe it’s out of obedience. Or maybe it’s tradition, or maybe it’s the fear of being accused of not being a good Christian. Maybe you go to church because it’s something to do or it feels like a good thing to have some sort of faith-based support. Maybe you’ve formed good friendships, or you enjoy the programs churches have to offer. Maybe you like being part of a community of like-minded people. Maybe you’ve just always gone and so you continue to go out of habit or routine.Everyone has their opinions about church, but does God have an opinion?Today, when churches almost everywhere are broadcasting online, does it really matter if you actually get dressed and head out on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night? What about a Bible study, does that count? You can read the Bible alone and grow in your faith and you can pray alone and grow in your faith, and you can worship alone and grow in your faith. Yet each one of these faith actions has two sides: personal and inter-personal.Most people are comfortable with reading the Bible and praying together, but worship is different. Why is that? People are sometimes less comfortable expressing themselves in worship when others are around than they are worshipping alone. But is one “better” or more spiritually beneficial than the other? Photo Credit:©GettyImages/CreativaImages

How Do You Know If a Revival Is Real?

Part of me is absolutely thrilled to see God moving so powerfully in the next generation. But I also have some reservations—are people just joining in an emotional moment? How can we tell if a specific revival is from God?

6 Hymns That Have Been Teaching You Bad Theology

In his book, Doxology and Theology, Matt Boswell says this:When the church is gathered together in the name of God, only singing which glorifies Him is appropriate. We don’t sing corporately because it was our idea. We sing because it was God’s idea for His people. Since it is God who has commanded us to sing, it is God who will also determine what kind of songs we will sing. We are to sing to Him and for Him. Our songs are not meant to be entertainment, or a distraction from God. (Boswell, 7)This means we sing for the purpose of pleasing God and to edify one another. And God is pleased and we are edified by the truth of Scripture. An implication of this is that what matters most in the songs we sing as a gathered church is not whether or not we like the songs but whether or not they share biblical truth accurately.There are a few classic hymns which I believe have a tendency to teach us bad theology. I do not believe in the long term they edify the body. I love to sing some of these songs, they have sentimental appeal. But there are certain things taught within these six hymns which give me pause.Photo courtesy: Unsplash.com/@mgmaasen

Can a Grieving Heart Worship?

Remind your grieving heart that worship is not exclusive to your Sunday morning gathering. You can worship the Lord in your heart as you weep under the covers of your bed by surrendering to his will. You can worship the Lord as you remember your loved one and thank God for the time you had together. Acknowledging that he is your provider in a season of loss can be an act of worship.

4 Important Biblical Themes Found in Both Old and New Worship Songs

Of all the important insights we can take from the amount of music in the book of Revelation, one of the most significant realizations that has implications for us now is that worship in heaven includes both old and new songs. If we are going to be singing old and new songs for eternity, let’s explore some important Biblical themes in both old and new songs.


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