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Hope in the South Hills - Upper St. Clair

Join us for an extraordinary evening, as we gather with the South Hills community to embrace the power of music and remembrance. Mark your calendars for Monday, November 13, starting at 7pm, at the captivating Upper St. Clair High School Theater. Presented by Violins of Hope Pittsburgh, South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM), JCC's Center for Loving Kindness, and other valued South Hills partners, this event is open to all and free of charge. It will showcase the remarkable talents of local students who will present readings and perform music that captures the enduring lessons learned from the Holocaust. Through their poignant performances on violins and violas once played by Jewish musicians during the Holocaust, these students will embody the spirit of resilience and hope that emerged from that dark chapter of history. Their music will resonate with themes of perseverance, hope, inclusivity, and the importance of forging a strong and united community. Witness their inspiring tribute to the past and their dedication to building a better future. Adding to the enchantment of the evening, the acclaimed Clarion Quartet will grace the stage. Together, they will create a truly extraordinary musical experience that not only pays homage to the memory of those who suffered during the Holocaust but also promotes the timeless values of unity and inclusivity that are crucial in our present-day society. Don't miss this opportunity to come together, embrace the power of music, and be a part of a collective journey that honors the past while shaping a brighter future. The event is an occasion that will touch your heart and leave you inspired. Join us on November 13th at Upper St. Clair High School Theater for an evening that will forever resonate in your memory.


Upper Saint High School Theater
1825 McLaughlin Run Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15241
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