Thanksgiving Day in August Picnic - Whitehall

Thanksgiving Day in August - An old fashioned community picnic. Date: Sunday, August 15th from 12:00 to 3:00. Location: Baldwin Community United Methodist Church 5001 Baptist Road in Whitehall, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. This is not just another picnic. Rather, it is a Thanksgiving Day in August, an old-fashioned community picnic. To be held on August 15, 12:00 to 3:00 pm for people to gather in Christian fellowship, remembering the covid challenge and thanking the Lord for giving us hope and helping us emerge from this ordeal. At least five area churches are participating and their ministers and priests will briefly address the crowd at spaced intervals during the event. A true community picnic bringing the people and faith communities together for food, upbeat music and joyful fellowship. We have come through much and this covid nightmare is ending. Our country, our communities and our families have been challenged. All have been affected in many ways. During these trying times those who know, would seek comfort and support in the Word of God and find hope. It is appropriate to give thanks to the Lord. We believe it will be an exceptionally good opportunity for putting this covid year behind us and bringing the people in our communities together. It may serve as a way to bring the community of faith in deeper relation. There will be food, beverages, activities, games, music, and fun and faith testimonies---a good example of Christian fellowship. We are called to be in relationship with the communities of people that surround our churches and to share with them the Word of God.


Baldwin Community United Methodist Church
5001 Baptist Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15236
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