Lecture: Lifestyles Of The Rich And Faithful: Confronting Classism In Mission - Pittsburgh

In light of the rich-poor gap that defines the reality of our world, how can we align our lifestyles and mission practices with God’s special concern for the poor? Based on an image of Christ among the classes, this presentation proposes ways toward economic Christlikeness in our lives, churches, and organizations.

During our annual McClure Lecture in World Mission and Evangelism, the Rev. Dr. Al Tizon will be helping us to think about reconciliation as the primary paradigm of the missio dei – especially needed at this time when civil discourse is a limited resource. He argues that theology needs mission practice as much as mission practice needs theology, and his teaching intends to form scholar-practitioners who are equipped to bear witness to the gospel holistically, contextually, relevantly, and faithfully.  For more information, visit https://www.pts.edu/McClure-2019


Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
616 N. Highland Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15206
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