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Evenings, Overnights, Weekends

WPIT is now your home for the best in classic Christian music. Hear the hits from your favorite legacy artists like Larry Norman, Phil Keaggy, Randy Stonehill, 2nd Chapter of Acts, Love Song, Honeytree, Andraé Crouch and more.

Evenings, overnights and weekends on WPIT AM & FM.

Education at a lower cost

It's not to late to make the change!
See if the Christian school experience is right for your child without paying full price. 

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Food for the Poor

Your generous gift will provide life-saving food for a year to hungry children! With the MATCH, the impact is doubled! $144 rescues FOUR kids and $370 saves TEN lives!

Join the 'Jesus Revolution' Prayer Team - LIVE!

Join us here for a live prayer meeting with the filmmakers and friends of the film, including DeVon Franklin, the Erwin Brothers, and Brent McCorkle!


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