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Israeli War Reveals Shortages in America

We have been found out.

America’s lack of moral clarity and willingness to purposefully overlook truth or walk in blatant inconsistency or hypocrisy has been on full display this last week. Though it wasn’t all that hidden before.


Whether it was protesting students and faculty at our finest institutions or the silence from our loudest legislators, one thing is certain—we are in trouble. The habits of hard hearts and soft minds are apparent. And as the Church, we bear much responsibility because we are the ones who have the privilege of walking in TRUTH, FREEDOM, COMPASSION, and CLARITY to different degrees than the lost world.


Is there a nation among us that truly displays leadership rooted in quality of character? Is there a nation whose motivation is not being questioned? I see many leaders sounding off or silent based on allegiances or agendas, willing to condemn terror to a point—the point at which it costs them nothing and no further. It is quite understandable after decades of overlooking evil.


We have long been rationalizers of the small lie and deed. Why would we do anything but embrace the big ones as well?


We have an entire generation who has been taught, groomed if you will, to accept and celebrate all manner of evil and every counterfeit of law and love. What did we think it would look like as those strongholds flourished? It looks like people—young and old—radicalized beyond rationale.


The mind that can overlook abortion can turn away from the baby that has been abducted or murdered and mutter something about “oppressors,” with no sense of shame.


The eyes that can justify looting, rioting, and occupation in our cities is quite quick to justify the same abroad, but with guns and grenades. Stolen shoes. Stolen people. Neighborhoods devastated by destruction. Kibbutzim devastated by death. It was always at the end of this same dangerous road.


They called it “resistance.” They made paragliders used to infiltrate and decimate, a new symbol of courage.


We may indeed take the hill but we have lost the moral high ground.


There is a void in the world left by the absence of righteousness. We are uncertain of sin when we see it. When we do not know right from wrong, we do not respond rightly to wrong things.

If your party lacks moral clarity, leave it. If your nation lacks moral clarity, do not boast in it.


In Christ, your gauge of good and just should be spot on. Walk in it. Own it. Speak it. You have the cure. You are here for such a time as this. One of God’s weapons against rot and ruin? Is you.




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