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Peace through the Holy Scriptures

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About George Gruen

George’s grandparents on his father’s side were Orthodox Jews in Europe. His grandfather knew Hebrew from childhood and studied under the leading Rabbi in Poland. Through a series of events, he studied Hebrew Scriptures that he had not read before. As a result of extensive research in the Hebrew Bible and about the Messiah, George’s grandfather and grandmother found God’s forgiveness of their sins in the atonement provided by the Messiah.

The family left Europe and moved to the United States in the early 1900s. George’s father Samuel was among them. One son, Herman, stayed in Europe and was murdered in the Holocaust at the Buchenwald Camp in WWII.

In his personal search for God’s truth and what would happen after death, George studied the Holy Scriptures. Because of what the God of Israel did in his life in giving George perfect assurance of life in Heaven after death, and because of the great peace and joy that he has experienced daily, he dedicated his life to sharing the Jewish Holy Scriptures in every way possible.


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