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World Missionary Evangelism

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For over sixty years World Missionary Evangelism has Ministered to the physical and spiritual needs of thousands across the globe. Join Pastor Daniel Moore Monday through Friday and learn how you can touch the life of a child, family, or Church body in impoverished areas.

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About Daniel Moore, President

Daniel Moore is President of World Missionary Evangelism, an interdenominational Christian missionary agency headquartered in Texas, United States. Established in 1958, WME has been a beacon of hope, providing child sponsorship, constructing homes and schools, establishing churches, and offering disaster relief across the globe.

The roots of WME trace back to the visionary work of Dr. John E. Douglas, a passionate advocate for Christian missions hailing from West Virginia. From his early years, Dr. Douglas demonstrated a deep devotion to his faith, going to great lengths to kindle spiritual fires within communities. He spread the Gospel far and wide, nurturing Orthodox Christians in their understanding of scripture and fostering their connection to the Church of Jesus Christ. Dr. Douglas firmly believed in the potential of these men and women to embark on missions across America.

Upon his arrival in the United States, Dr. Douglas engaged with a wide spectrum of influential figures, including friends, business leaders, philanthropists, senators, and congressional representatives. He shared his vision and implored them to support his mission, laying the foundation for what would become World Missionary Evangelism.


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